{ pirates & beavers, oh my! }

Newborn photo shoots tend to frighten me.  I guess its just the unpredictables, the 'what if the baby pee's on the sheets?' 'Nah she'll be fine!' type scenarios. This WAS a successful shoot, considering that 1 month old Marlee peed on the bed, and Mason put his paws into EVERYTHING he could find! I seriously fell in love with them though. Marlee is the newest addition to the Macbeth clan. We met up at my house and Sandee came prepared with kickass hot pink legwarmers for Marlee, and pirate skull chonies for Mason. Oh, and goldfish crackers for snackin'. :D  I spent some time with Marlee first, but then it was feeding time! whoops! So Mason, Adam and I went outside and got some quality stuff with Mason. We ended the shoot with everyone just in time for a perfect summer sunset, and it only took 2 hours! Ya!

..  pretty eyes ..


marlee & mom <3


MmMm goldfish crackers!


She actually wasn't sleeping here, just happen to get a shot with her eyes closed :) 

Peace, love & photos

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