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I thought I would take a moment to chat about the importance of Photoshop, and the steps I use when editing a photograph. Currently I am using Photoshop CS4 and I have a pretty good routine I stand by when it comes to making a good photograph into an AMAZING Photograph!

 I like to use the healing brush tool to get rid of small imperfections, blemishes. Grace is so flawless that I skipped this step and moved forward.

I like to work in layers, as you can change only the parts you want to change, without jeopardizing the quality and content of the photograph. First, I duplicate the layer and   I use a method called Median to make the skin soft but not 'blurry'. I then erased at an opacity of about 15-20% on her skin and neck, while still retaining the texture of her skin. Once I am happy with the skin, I flatten the layers.

Duplicate layer again. I then focus on bringing the highlights out in her eyes, hair, background and face. I do not want to do this to the 'whole' image, just parts of it. I like using Curves, alongside with Brightness/Contrast. I tailor it to my preferences, and then I slowly erase the parts where I want highlights (bridge of nose, hair, background, eyes, cupids bow..) Once I am content, I flatten the image.

Duplicate the layer again, and it is now that I focus on the colorizing of the image. I wanted to maintain the dark browns in her hair, and dress, but I wanted to bring out the green in her eyes and the background. I reduce the red in 'Saturation', and I bring the cyan & green up in 'Color Balance', till its just to my liking. I then erase the background, eyes, and anywhere else I feel its needed.

Each photo takes a little bit longer whith these steps, but I find that it makes a huge difference, especially in print quality. Thanks for checking it out! If you have questions or comments, just ask :)

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